Lease Renewal / Rent Reviews

Commercial Property Management

Cottons currently manage a range of commercial properties throughout the UK, for a variety of both private and corporate clients. Whether your investment is retail, office or industrial, we understand that property management means much more than simply collecting the rent, and we aim to provide an all encompassing service to effectively manage your asset.

Our management services include the following;

  • Invoicing and collection of rent from tenants/occupiers
  • Recovery of insurance premiums from tenants/occupiers (as far as leases allow)
  • Commercial Service Charge Management (as far as leases allow)
  • Collection of sub metered utility charges (as far as leases allow)
  • Periodic inspections (to establish any apparent breaches of covenant)
  • Advice on action to be taken in relation to any breaches of covenant by lessees
  • Advice in respect of applications to assign or other alienation matters
  • Arranging for repairs whether by landlord or tenant (in accordance with the lease provisions)
  • Making payment to contractors and/or suppliers as may be necessary from the funds held on our client’s behalf
  • Strategic advice to protect your long term interests
Lease Renewal/Rent Review

Most commercial leases, will contain provisions for a rent review to take place within it’s duration.  .

In addition, when approaching the end of a lease, it is essential for a smooth transition to new terms if your tenant is remaining in occupation, or if they are vacating, arrangements must be made with regard to dilapidations and a smooth handover of the property.

Cottons have a wealth of experience in the commercial property market and are therefore well able to represent clients in the negotiation of a rent review, lease renewal, or end of a lease, in all cases providing specialist advice to achieve the best possible outcome


If you require further information about our management services or if you are a lessee with a query in relation to the property you occupy please contact us.